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Hasain Alshakarti 

Hasain Alshakarti is a world leading IT security expert with a strong focus on networks, PKI and certificates. He’s a senior IT security consultant at TrueSec with deep experience of numerous design projects, audits as well as advanced implementation projects and penetration testing of systems.

For his hard, solid achievements over the years, Hasain has been rewarded “Sweden’s leading IT security expert” and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional(MVP) in Enterprise security multiple times. He is a sought-after speaker and extremely popular instructor at various events worldwide.

Hasain is also an active member of Microsoft Extended Experts Team(MEET) and one of the few that successfully combines his expertise in application development and IT technology.


Alexander Benoit

Alexander Benoit is a Senior Consultant and Head of Competence Center Microsoft at sepago, where he leads and develops the consulting business with his team. His focus is on enterprise security and modern management for 10 years. He brings his everyday experience from the enterprise environment into the community actively. He is also MVP for Enterprise Mobility the Community Lead of “Trust in Tech” and the host of GeekSprech Podcast.



Stephan Gerling  

Stephan Gerling is a 48 year old electronic technican, who works in the oil and gas industry more than 17 years. Before that, he joined the german army for more than 6 years as Navigation electronical expert for Helicopters. During this time, he was in several missions across the world. Electronical and mechanical background is his force to look from both sides on security. And last but not least, he his a volunteer firefighter more than 30 Years. He knows to be “under fire”.



Mike Hamilton

Creating innovative products is in the DNA of everyone at Ziften, and purpose building the future of endpoint security drives Chief Product Officer Mike Hamilton. When Mike isn’t getting his hands dirty with customers or speaking at conferences, Mike spends his days at Ziften shaping and guiding the overall product strategy and vision of Ziften. As a former ASIC designer in the network processor space, he has 15 years of security experience from bits and bytes on a wire all the way to security analytics and endpoint/server security.



 Christina Lekati  

Christina Lekati is a Social Engineering expert and ethical human hacker.  Raised by a sought-after cyber security expert, she found herself magnetized by the security field and many times found herself in projects that were beyond her age, giving her interesting stories to tell and an edge in her own knowledge and experience. She proceeded in earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a distinction in her master’s degree, due to her thesis on social engineering. Christina has participated among other things, in forensic investigations within companies, and in needs and vulnerabilities assessments. She is currently working with Cyber Risk GmbH, a provider of cyber security training programs, as a social engineering expert and trainer. Christina also enjoys speaking at cyber security events.


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