Trust in Tech – PowerShell Security Prioritization List

Join us for our next event at May, 8th 2018 at sepago headquarter in cologne.



David das Neves

David is a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Germany. His specialties are Dev, Powershell and Windows 10 Client and he is focused in client workshops and dev requests. Beside his work he writes his own blog and speaks at conferences on PS/Dev topics.


PowerShell Security Prioritization List

PowerShell Security is a very wide topic. Starting with Signing, Logging, WEF, Remoting, Privileged Access Management moving on to enforced Constrained Language Mode, AMSI, JEA, Exploit Guard and much more. But where to start and where to end? David will explain how the complex technology map can be divided into a prioritization list (adoption roadmap) by using a graph. In this session you will see how this graph is created and how we can retrieve many insights out of it.


Eric Berg

Eric is a MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management since 2015, but was active member of several communities for several years. He is working as a Principal IT-Architect at COMPAREX AG. His main areas are: Infrastructure, Datacenter Management, Hyper-V, System Center and Microsoft Azure. He is known as a speaker from Events like ExpertsLive Europe, CDC Germany and Microsoft Ignite. His motto: “The community lives from the community and only those who join in keep her alive!”


Aure Automation and Security – better together

In this session we will have a look into the integration of Azure Automation in your Cloud and On-Premises environments. We will focus on actual features and have a look at some new ideas in Azure. At the same time it is important to think about securing your Azure Automation environment, while keeping it simple but secure. The session is driven by some live demos of Best Practices and things that could go wrong.



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