Trust in Tech – Modern Secure Workplace Summit

Join us for our next event at November, 8th 2018 at Osmab Lounge in cologne.

Finally, we can announce our Trust in Tech – Modern Secure Workplace Summit on November 8th in Cologne. Where we are more than proud to have David James, Partner Director of Engineering for Configuration Manager at Microsoft with us. Besides many other high-profile speakers, he will deliver two sessions on the current and future releases of Configuration Manager. Join us for plenty of Microsoft Ignite announced material and expert lessons learned. We will guide you through the journey of modern management, enriched with the outstanding knowledge of our experts. Ask, share and discuss your daily challenges and take an active role in the development of further ConfigMgr releases.

David James | David will deliver two sessions on the current and future releases of Configuration Manager. In addition you have the chance to participate in the development of ConfigMgr as Djam challenges you to bring every question and feature ask to improve ConfigMgr.

Mirko Colemberg | Beer Brewing could be simple in many ways, as also the process to implement Modern Management in a Classic on-premises environment. We will learn you how the process and roadmap will be build for modern management in several steps to reach the goal in your company. There are so many scenarios to do this, just like brewing an excellent beer. All the steps to go modern are based on the steps like you would brew Beer. All the tools you could use around Win 10 to accomplish your scenarios to go modern. The tools to have a look at are auto – piloting, Provisioning Packages, 3-Party tools, Co-Management, Windows 10, Windows Insiders for Business, etc.

Kenny Buntinx | With the rapid releases sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest in new features and updates for Configuration Manager Current Branch.
This session will give an overview of those features that you may have missed and how you can start using them in your environment. Mixed with a sneak peek on what features to expect in the near future and this should be the perfect session to kick off your day.

Oliver Kieselbach | We will dive into the new capabilities to deploy Win32 applications in a modern management cloud environment with Microsoft Intune. From end to end including all the inner workings and troubleshooting advices. What can we achieve, where are the limitations and what can we expect for the future. After this session you should be ready to start using this new capability for modern managed environments.

Eric Soldierer | Cloud adoption is on the rise but not all applications and use cases are ready to be moved to the cloud. This creates an environment where data and services are scattered across locations. In this talk I am going to address the question of “How to access both locations securely?”. I demonstrate how Azure Conditional Access and MicroVPN via NetScaler can help you master these challenges.


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